Sunday, 21 February 2016

Brainstorming letters and words & ROW80

Had my friend from forever/editor up here these last few days and apart from hours of conversations and laughter we have been brainstorming a bit not only on my A-Z subjects - mainly the titles and which bit goes with which letter but also on a challenge set up by one of the members of my writing group down here on earth. The police alphabet- Alpha Beta etc all the way to Zulu, write a piece which includes all the words in whatever order one likes. At least I have a month to think of something, not like the last one where we only had a few days to write about fruit and or nuts!

Am preparing to write as many of the A-Z as I can before April 1st, at least in draft form. I’m doing my adventures with food and cooking throughout my life. It will take me from suburban post war London to my old age on the windswept shores of the East coat, via places such as Russia, Africa, Antarctica and the Hindu Kush.

March, supposedly the beginning of spring -can’t you just tell from the tone of my voice that I am cynical about that statement, is also the beginning of NaNoEdMo (National novel editing month) where the challenge to self is 50 hours of editing in the 31 days of March. It is tied up November's Nano but this month is editing, not the writing. 

I sign up every year because it helps to focus my mind. I won’t be adding any new chapters to The Children’s Tale that month, simply working through the words I still have to edit and working on those to make them as polished as possible.

What I will be writing is the draft of those A-Z blogs.

I have been having a concentrated few hours on updating my two twitter accounts, the first is sailing along nicely but the second is still low on followers, if anyone here would like to follow @al_berta_ross would be much appreciated:)

On the twitter accounts does anyone have a favourite on the software to manage accounts? I cannot decide which if any would be worth having to allow me more time for writing.


So what have I managed this last week:

Writing: wrote two new chapters for The Children's Tale and edited two.

Blogs:I have had a reasonable week on the blogging front

On alberta reads there has been three posts

A rant on identity theft in fiction writing on Musing Monday
A muse on YA over 60+ years
And yet again proof I am hopeless near a bookshop on Friday Finds

On didyoueverkissafrog there has been two

Another in my I love my garden but. . Series on planning and bad weather.
And a Something New Every Day on coral reefs unpinning the Peak District.

A short piece on John Milton and his invented words

Networking: Not bad at all.
Others: not much really. Reading yes. Gardening no, but have bought some lighter weight tools for when the weather is better and i can get out there!:)

Here's hoping everyone is still enjoying a writing life - keep smiling.

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