Book Trailers :The Sefuty Chronicles

                              The Sefuty Chronicles: 
an overview of the events before the Sefuty Chronicles

Ellen's Tale: being the first of the Sefuty Chronicles


            The Storyteller's Tale: 
being the second of the Sefuty Chronicles


  1. nice trailer, the soundtrack works really well with the clips. Is it "love and friendship founder" that's causing confusion?

  2. I think the trailer is wonderful. Powerful music that matches the mood of each successive event.
    Like Katy, "love and friendship founder" is the only line I can guess that would cause any trouble.
    I'm going to want to feature your trailer on my blog for next week - will you drop me an email about it?

  3. yes love and friendship founder - did you have a problem understanding it?

  4. I like this music, too, Alberta. It fits very well with the trailer. I understand the "love and friendship founder" line, but I'm rather old-fashioned. Is it that younger people don't understand "founder"?

    The word "overwhelm" is missing its "h" on an earlier screen. Over than that, I saw nothing at all to fix on the trailer.

    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

  5. I am wondering if it is an age thing - when I have shown it to friends my age there was no hesitation in gleaning the meaning but other people are struggling to get the correct meaning and there isn't time for them to do that - I thought it was clear in the context but it's becoming clear there is confusion.

    glad you like the music the first part was my invention and it was the first time - great fun but getting the timing was a nightmare!!!

  6. I'm not that old, but I understood "love and friendship founder" and also had no problem putting it in the context of the books. I like it and don't think it should be changed.

    Like the trailer, but didn't quite get the girl singing with the microphone at the very beginning. Did rock concerts contribute to the global meltdown?

  7. Hi Gareth how's life treating you? no the party was supposed to indicate uncaring- head in sand - so what attitude to what's happening- glad you liked the trailer- its my major learning curve these past few months!! keeping the old brain cells active.

  8. I really liked the music in the video; some good imagery too. I'm not fond of book videos as a rule, but since you asked... I've read recommendations to keep them 1 minute or less, and I'd have to agree that this is too long. As for "Love and friendship founder" - I figured he starts a movement of love and friendship? Then I looked up the word to see if there was something I missed, and I'd forgotten that it can be a verb too, as in "founder and sink." So maybe that's where the confusion comes in - which meaning of founder? Hope that helps!

  9. thanks for comments - there is def. a confusion on the meaning of word founder - and although I assumed the context would have made it clear it seems not so I will rejig - prob wont change the word as founder is exactly what I want to say but make the context easier to pick up in the short time available

    Less than a minute? - no but I am rejigging to make the visuals move quicker and a couple can come out so maybe I'll be able to knock of some seconds!! can try anyway

    The individual books will be short and sweet:) thanks for all the help

  10. Great music choice!

    My suggestion is trim the length as much as possible. :)

  11. First of all, congrats on the NaNo goal! Fantastic.

    As for the trailer...I have mixed emotions. I get what the Chronicles are about (sort of) but I don't have a good feel for each of the books. I want to know what is going on in each book. I felt the beginning was too long. Get me to each book as quick as possible. What are they about? What's the plot? The conflict? Who is destined to fix it? I would take your back cover blurbs for each one and match it with pictures and music and go from there. Just my humble opinion. I do have to give you kudos for even attempting to do this. You are braver than me. I liked the music, too.

  12. yes jenny I see what you are saying - this trailer is just the sefuty chronicles per se and I wont be releasing the trailer until I have done each of the books - but this background is relevent to the series crops up time and time again through the stories so I have made this one to introduce the world

    I have managed since everyones comments to shave off 60 secs!! reword the confusing bit of Jack's Tale - I'll put it up tomorrow.

    Then Ellen's Tale which will explain what the book is about, conflicts etc

    probably the trailers wont be up and about till the New Year - then they will be the whole package

    Everyones comments have been an enormous help and I do thank you all

  13. Nice! I really like the music and images. The story comes across fairly clear to me I think.

    Blogging from A to Z

  14. I love the music and the detailed timeline. I can read the story description for each book, but I think you should leave it a little longer on the screen for those who don't read as quickly as I do.