A Patchwork of Perspectives

From innocent childhood to old age alberta weaves her tales. From playtime to murder, with a side dish of the fantastical.  Enjoy the experience.

Can a mother's love save her boy? Will the monsters catch the children? How effective are our talismans?
Talking cats, nightmares on the moon, murder most foul, children's imagination running wild and old ladies losing contact with the world. All these and more in this first volume of A Patchwork of Perspectives. Alberta ranges from the ordinary to the quietly fantastical. Enjoy the experience.


More tales which will lead you along perilous paths from exotic locations to the dark shadows of the night.

Alberta continues the mad journey through life. Here you will learn to beware of the shadows in the night, to avoid exotic carpets. Love and life contined in a shoe box? Where can you find the best plate of fish and chips? Take a cruise with unexpected delights and keep an eye on the strange antics of your neighbours. Alberta's world is all a little barmy so settle back and enjoy the experience.


16 very short stories. From the ordinary everyday events to the fantastical, all the familiar elements are here. Childhood, old age and all between Alberta plays with all.

A photo album charts a life, modern day rage in the workplace, what happens after the fairy tales end and would that tin provide the clue needed?
Blackmail, revenge and sweet love all jostle with the madness of minds and the strange alien worlds we know nothing about. Sit back, relax and enjoy Alberta's slightly off kilter imagination

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