Monday, 15 February 2016

Time may have a chat with me later:

I do like sunshine - blue skies and light all around. As a youngster I would spend hours baking and relishing in the sunshine. Unfortunately although I still like sunshine and blue skies at this time of the year both are normally a sign of low temperatures. I no longer revel outside in this bitter cold - I hibernate and watch the light from indoors. In the summer sun and blue indicate rising temperatures . I no longer revel outdoors when the temperature rise to what, in the old days, I would have been soaking it up. A temperamental heart dissuades me, in cahoots with my lungs they check me, bar my way in fact behave as if they and they alone are the rulers of my life!:)

Ah well, old age only creeps at the start, after a couple of years it races up snapping at one’s heels

I have sidled out for the snatched odd moments this last week to enjoy the spring flowers, foolhardy enough to raise their heads before winter is passed. I can observe many of them from the various windows - oh what is this independent soul reduced to:(

I console myself with books and I have read a whole raft of interesting books lately. So not all doom and gloom.


I seem to be back on track for writing this year after Life took me away from it all.

Time, ah well, time will have a chat with me later if I am wrong!

Because of all the problems I have had writing The Children’s Tale over the past few years there is a tangle which would defeat Younger Cat from making any worse. It is the teasing out of these tangles and knots which occupies me at the moment.

This has meant destroying thousands of words - kill your darlings is what it is called but I found this time around I have slain them with so little compunction I decided they must have been total rubbish to begin with!! - that is better than admitting I have become a callous killer:)

So while I kill my darlings, I am busy writing new words to replace them. I tried doing them both the same day, however that doesn’t work so well, I end up split mentally  ‘somat’ rotten’. So one or two days chapters, one or two days red penning.

It’s working out pretty well so far.

I am also, in the evenings, working on the last corrections of my memoirs - that sounds grand! - not sure they are for publication though:) However, between covers I wish them to be and before the summer ends.

So The Children’s Tale and memoirs are the most urgent. Hopefully when May gets here I will be the right place to finish the short stories, started last May!

In between times I have been writing about historical fiction I read as a child, confessing to obtaining yet more books. Trying to work out what appealed to me about a poem penned back in the early 1800s and singing the praises of the National Health Service in the UK from the point of view of one who has frequently had to use the service.

It has been a reasonably good week and I hope this coming week will produce the same feeling - all the best to everyone else struggling to produce their masterpieces:)

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