Saturday, 15 November 2014

AS some of you know I'm indulging in NaNoWrMo again this year, in the last fling to finish The Children’s Tale - I hope! This month long challenge to write 50,000 words of fiction in the four weeks is designed to focus the mind and to cast procrastination into the gloomy corners of a cave.

Does it work?
It has in the past, for myself and thousands of others, but the pace is frenetic and relentlessness. Ordinary life vanishes. Layers of dust taunt, overgrown gardens laugh and as for family life, well, it is difficult.

It shouldn’t be. The word count needed each day to succeed is not huge. Not really. The prose is not required to be polished, indeed the organizers tell us it is better to ignore the editing mind whilst engaging with the challenge.

 All that’s required is the word count. 
The first draft. 
The rough uncut diamond. 

In theory the harder work comes after NaNo has finished.

Of course it isn't that easy as life does have to be lived. Many who participate are working full time, others are parents, college students, carers. That they manage to finish continuously amazes me. Myself, I battle low energy levels due to illness and a carers role.

So far so good I am keeping up. This year instead of starting a brand new novel the challenge allows us to finish one. Which is why The Children’s Tale is being entered. The previous three in the series have been relatively easy writing. This one though. . .this one has had its fair share of problems. Two years now in the execution it has, as any who follow the blog will know, been through many incarnations.

It began as one book, morphed into two-in-one, had to be separated to two separate identities and then had to be begun again. In the meantime I developed heart failure and then a year long depression. Heigh ho as they say.

I have written a further 30,000 words since the month began and with a couple of clear weeks (of social events) ahead more will appear. I am not actually sure I need 50,000 more - we will see.  The book will end when it ends.  I have learnt this from past experience:)  

At the moment I have slowed a little, as I am writing some harrowing scenes and they are difficult.  Images of present day conflicts step between my mind and the page.

The Children will not be put away, they clamour to be heard and so we tussle our way, hopefully, to a conclusion this year. I have grown fond of the children. They deserve a voice I think. NaNo will help them of this I am sure - well pretty sure:)

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