Friday, 6 June 2014

May vanished now June is running past me!

I should have been reporting all through May on the Story a Day Challenge, which I had signed up for.  Various life events delayed reports.

 Now of course the month is over.


Really this old lady is slipping behind her deadlines!

I didn’t quite manage 30 stories but did manage 26. Very pleased with that. So that is 26 drafts towards the Companion Tales, which will be the final instalment of The Sefuty Chronicles (5thth).

Of course I need to finish the 4th first!

I enjoy writing short stories, and these have enabled me to enlarge a little on some minor characters that have appeared throughout the Tales, give them a small voice.  Some of them will also explain a few anomalies and untold puzzles along the way as well. 

It has an interesting experience; mostly the short stories I have written in the past have not had such a strong link between them and certainly no link to any novel. It added further restrictions and challenges, but broke open another strand of imagination and made a very restful change from the editing of The Children’s Tale which is still on-going – will it never end?

Now of course it June and JuNoWrMo has begun.  I join this challenge every year, mainly because the 50,000 words to be written do not have to be part of a new novel, as with NaNoWrMo.  I use the month to work on a WIP.

There is not 50 000 words still to write for The Children’s Tale so am going to work on my modern novel   Blue Moon this month.  This is a story which has been pushing to be written for 24 years!

 I know, hardly a modern novel:)

Blue Moon was inspired by a small newspaper article about an English policeman being beaten by thugs and helped by a passer-by. Inspired by but, in its original draft, bearing no resemblance to that story, except that policemen were involved, good detectives actually. There was no beating, no passer-by and no Englishman.  I was so much younger then and knew no better and maybe I wanted a holiday or three:)

I set my tale in the USA.

Foolish, foolish, moi!

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