Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fantastical kaleidoscope: alberta's mind

This blog has been sadly neglected of late - the only excuses are health related ones and as they are boring to go on about I will just say I hope to do better.

What hasn’t been mentioned here are my attempts at fantasy - because as I mentioned previously I do so enjoy a bit of fantasy. There is a whole raft of sub divisions here - of course! Grrr. Some of my friends say my whole mind is full of fantasy , some of my friends find it strange, as I do not present this as I stride (hobble) the world. I am off a scientific bent, I do not believe in ghosts or anything paranormal,Magic tricks? Nope. Mind reading? Nope. Zombies and werewolves forget them, as for vampires - come on now, cannibalism has been around ever since we have, so some folk like the taste of blood:) Although I wished to be able, like Dr Dolittle,’ to converse with animals, I study them instead and try not to impose my perceptions on them. For every report of the supernatural my mind is examining and analyzing the reason and logic behind.
As I say

Look at me and see, sensible.
Look and see unimaginative.
Look and see unromantic.

Look closely, my mind is a completely fantastical kaleidoscope of alternative worlds, weird happenings and magic.
Don’t believe everything you see.

My fancies can spin, away from reason and normality,into the realms of crazy very easily. I love doing it. So where does that leave me? I genuinely believe there is a rational explanation for everything and if we don’t know it now we will someday. Ever since I could tell the differences between ‘real’ and ‘story’ I have been thus. However, running alongside rationality I enjoy a good story, of whatever type or style. I am always willing to suspend belief for a few hours if it is a ‘story’ a ‘tale’

I find I enjoy the writing of such concoctions, although I cannot help lacing them with reality. So Menko which I drafted during NaNo last year is a fantasy involving parallel worlds and magic, it is also based on one of the missing links of the evolution of humanity - I can’t help it you see:)

When I penned the reworked fairy tales for The Fiddling Feline, the Flea and the Frog et al I found they were more magic realism than magic, the real world imposes itself into most of them, maybe not in the dragon tales, hard to bring a dragon into the real world:) memo to self - find a way to do it.

I hope to develop Menko into a full blown novel in 2014 - if of course I have managed to finish The Sefuty Chronicles! And there is another collection of long short stories hovering impatiently on the side, four or five new creation stories, a 21st gathering of flawed gods maybe:)

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