Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Food, fibre & fleece book tour hosts, are you out there?

The Sefuty Chronicles are on tour  September 18th - October 10th.  While host bloggers concerned with the writing and author aspects are filing in nicely, and a few romance hosts have also volunteered I am now looking for bloggers who are concerned with all matters concerning eco-green issues- traditional crafts- food preparation- organic etc who would be willing to host me and either participate in a Q&A sessions on these matters and/or allow me to guest blog on aspects of them.

The Sefuty Chronicles are set in a future where due to climate change and wars relating to resources the world has been left with a tumbling population and no modern resources to speak of.  In lands littered with old mines and devoid of modern transport or communication links, the Chronicles have quite a lot in them about food, fleece and fibre production - there is the uncertainty of food security when completely dependent on the climate with no modern aids in growing food.  How the original survivors had to relearn old skills in a great hurry or die.  How well would we fare? How many skills do we possess?

 If you are interested I would enjoy the debates.

Also anyone willing to be a little more near the knuckle the decisions to be taken when food supplies are limited and survival on a knife edge - how far can we carry our modern day ethics and beliefs - this maybe too raw for a book tour but I would like to show the dilemmas facing extreme survival.  Who has followers who would like the debate?

Want to see what they are about? 

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  1. Hi Alberta! Would love to have you on Gladiator's Pen. I'll email you about a date and info :)

    Also You've won an award! just go to the post at the link below and pick your award :)

  2. Elise, would love to be on gladiators pen - look forward to it - as to the reward, many thanks but which to choose? - not sure I fit any - ponder ponder!!